I am married to my first and only real boyfriend and  we have two adult children who come and go depending on their life situation; at the moment  our nest is half full.  When it was empty it was quiet enough for my husband to hear God calling him to become a permanent deacon and he entered formation. He also teaches math to eighth graders (I shudder at the thought).   I work as the director of faith formation in one parish and minister with EDGE Middle School youth ministry in the parish where we worship. It is sometimes difficult to work/worship/minister in two parishes, but after doing it all in the same parish I think this way is probably better for my spiritual life.

My favorite saints are Ignatius of Loyola and Catherine of Siena.  I love Ignatius' way of seeing God in all and his practicality.  Catherine, well she was bossy and outspoken and told people exactly what she thought, besides being deeply committed to Christ especially in the Eucharist   One of my favorite quotes from her is "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire."
I contribute to Catholic Mom and New Evangelizers. You can also find me on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Goodreads.
What are the most important things to know about me?  I am Catholic, a transplanted New Yorker in S. Florida, I am happiest when I get to create something.  What do I like to create?  great food, clothes, craft projects,  a welcoming home, an inviting parish with wonderful ways to grow in the Catholic faith, writing that encourages and supports.  
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