Friday, May 29, 2015

10 things about 1000 posts

This is post #1000 on the blog!  WOW.  

1.  I began way back in February of 2007, with these offerings given to the internet!

2.  Most viewed post:  Prayer to the Holy Spirit.

3.  # of page views: 67,009 

4. One of my favorite posts, about giving a friend her Last Holy Communion. 

5.  # of followers:  8  

6.  # of comments:  almost 400

7.  Oddest post in the top 10 viewed:  this Italian Christmas song

8.  Average # of posts per year:  125 

9. This blog has led me to write for Catholic Mom, New Evangelizers, and Amazing Catechists.  

10.   I really like having this tiny space on the internet to call my own and it makes me happy when you visit.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Small Success Thursday

Today is the day to tell what went right instead of focusing on what went wrong which so many of us are so good at doing!
I'm on vacation this week and I've managed to strike a balance between relaxing and getting things done.  

On Monday we tackled the headboard in our bedroom.  I bought a new comforter and curtains, but the headboard no longer matched.  So my husband painted it blue (which was very nice of him and unexpected) and recovered the foam core board with new fabric.  Looks much better.    I had to go to the fabric store to get the new fabric and while I was there I happened to see fabric I liked and then just had to get a new pattern. The patterns were only $1 each.  Who could resist that?!

I cleaned my work room which means when I go in there I am not distracted by the clutter and mess.  I can sit, work, read, pray, ponder in peace.  And sew that new dress.

And this morning, I went grocery shopping.  It was pretty bare in there, I used the last of the eggs yesterday to make cinnamon coconut flour muffins and after my husband packed his lunch for today, well, there was some spinach, celery and a few apples.  Not much else.  

Want to see who else has had a good week?  Join us at Catholic Mom.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Catherine of Siena Prayer

My Nature is Fire

In your nature, eternal Godhead,
I shall come to know my nature.
And what is my nature, boundless love?
It is fire,
because you are nothing but a fire of love.
And you have given humankind
a share in this nature,
for by the fire of love you created us.
And so with all other people
and every created thing;
you made them out of love.
O ungrateful people!
What nature has your God given you?
His very own nature!
Are you not ashamed to cut yourself off from such a noble thing
through the guilt of deadly sin?
O eternal Trinity, my sweet love!
You, light, give us light.
You, wisdom, give us wisdom.
You, supreme strength, strengthen us.
Today, eternal God,let our cloud be dissipated
so that we may perfectly know and follow your Truth in truth, with a free and simple heart.
God, come to our assistance! Lord, make haste to help us!  Amen.

from Discerning Hearts Website