Friday, October 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes about food, family and rain!

1.  I made the best lamb dinner on Sunday.  My son suggested I braise it but was vague with the details, "you know how to cook mom, use whatever liquid you want" was just not enough to go on.  I found a recipe on Pinterest which gave me a better idea of how to do this.  So after buying a dutch oven, I was set.  Here's the recipe:  5 lb leg of lamb (mine was boneless), 2 cups red wine, salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, thyme and oregano.  Heat a bit of olive oil in the dutch oven on the stove and then brown the lamb.  Preheat oven to 350.  Put everything else in the pot, cover and put in the oven for 1 hour; lower oven temp to 250 and cook another 3 hours.  It will just fall apart.  And your house will smell heavenly while it is cooking.  My phone refused to send me the picture, it's here on Instagram
2. I am going to start contributing to Amazing Catechists.  It's a site I have admired and gone to for a few years now so the opportunity to be a part of it is exciting.  I'll let you now when I start posting!  

3.  It's October which means the rainy season is over except no one told the rain so this week has been very, very wet.  How wet?  On Tuesday the water flooded the patio at the office and water was in the main office.  Thankfully the water stopped about six inches from my door.  Of course by then I'd already been crawling under my desk, in my white skirt,  detaching computer connections so I could get the tower up off the floor.Then I took off my shoes to move my car to higher ground.  All the while rain poured down.  It was crazy.

4.  Here's what is probably an annual complaint:  I wish the guy on the corner would stop with the silly snowman with the Christmas countdown flashing on his belly. Why? It clashes with your Halloween decoration, snowmen are not possible in S. Fl, it annoys me, especially when my husband wants to slow down and see how many days are left!

5.  My daughter cleaned out her closet.  She had a large pile of mostly dresses,many of which I had made for her.  She did not want to give them away so she asked me to help her decide what to do.  Her idea was for me to take them all in so she could wear them.  I told her no way, too many sizes.  "But these dresses are my favorite and you made them" she said in a tone I haven't heard in years. There are other dresses still in her closet that need to go, she just can't bear to part with them.  She is more sentimental than I think.   So I promised her I'd make her new dresses. 

6.  Chef son is back in town.  I am helping him with a few projects.  This weekend, it will be sewing curtains and valances.  It'll be like a DIY home makeover project.  Basically my day will involve fabric shopping, spending time with my son and probably some of his friends, sewing and he'll feed me.  Win, win, win anyway you look at it.  

7.  My husband is taking a Mariology course.   Last night he asked me what I knew about the Immaculate Conception, I said a few things and then he says, "You know, it's about Mary's conception, not Jesus' right?"  It's a good thing the table between us was wide and that we were in a public place or else he'd have gotten one of these:

from the NCIS Database

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Book Review: Not God’s Type, An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms by Holly Ordway

Not God’s Type, An Atheist Academic Lays Down Her Arms by Holly Ordway is a beautiful and amazing story.  As a child she thought there was no need to put a capital G when spelling God, as an adult she  saw ”faith as nonsense” but felt “dissonance in my own life, in my understanding of the world”.  Ordway chronicles how she came to belief from unbelief and eventually came to the fullness of truth when she joined the Catholic Church. 

As an academic and intellectual, Ordway comes to know God through the power of reason.  She learns that a commitment to Jesus is not to be taken lightly nor is it easy. Her realization that the “Christian life wasn’t something to be figured out, like a philosophical crossword puzzle, but a reality to be experienced.  This Jesus, whom I dared to begin to believe had really been raised from the dead, said, “Follow me.”” is what leads her to become a Christian. 

Ordway shares with us the depths of her soul searching journey quoting great literature and poetry.  She tells her story with honesty and candor.  I read the book almost in one sitting and when I was done, wanted to start it again right away.  Ordway’s story shows us once again that there is a God-shaped hole in each of us and we cannot run from the One who made us.

Not God's Type is available for purchase at Ignatius Press.

If you read only one book between now and the end of the year, make it this one!

Friday, October 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Pins, days off, Synod on the Family

1.  First world Problems II - It's my day off and they're HOME! and one has a cold.

2.  On the upside of things, my husband can wear shoes again.  He has not worn for shoes for almost three months.  Here's a picture of what was holding his toe together
The skinny silver pins are about 2" long and the fixator about 3" long.  They were sterilized and sealed in a bag.  We are going to give them back to the doctor to donate to doctors in Guatemala.  As much as we thought we'd keep them as a memento, it'll be better if someone else can use them.  

3.  I work in a parish that has many seasonal parishioners.  They are slowly migrating back.  I have to look when I cross the street to go to the church or rectory, there are longer lines at the stores, and more personalities to handle everywhere.  

4.  Liturgical changes question of a mundane nature for your input please.  Back when the changes occurred, we purchased cards for the pew of the prayers that changed.  Now, after almost three years, the cards are looking a bit ragged.  Some are torn and more than a few have been thrown away.  A few parishioners with lots of personality (see #3 above) want the cards replaced.  We (staff) thinks that people can use the missal if they still need to read the prayers.  Care to tell me what your parish is doing?  

5.  Lately I've been considering have different email accounts for different projects or purposes:  shopping, personal, ministry, writing, blogs, but then I think I'd just ignore certain accounts when I didn't want to deal with that area.  So that's not good.  I  get so many emails during the day that I never even open, just delete, delete, delete.  Other emails that are important get lost in the junk mail.  My inbox is getting like my mail box.  Not sure where I'm going with this, so I'll stop now.

6.  Apparently when you are responsible for religious education or faith formation or parish school of religion or whatever the heck you call it you can make up stuff.  Here's the latest I've heard, "RCIT".  I'll buy you  a coffee if you can find it in a Catholic rite book.

7.  I am a bit behind on following the Synod on the Family.  Last night I spent some time on Twitter with #Synod14 and found two good sites to catch up and follow along with:  from Catholic News Service, the Synod  of Bishops on the Family blog and also CRUX.  Enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend with more Quick Takes!  My weekend has an extra day off!  Yea for me.

Friday, October 3, 2014

7 Quick Takes: the week in review

1.  So I started the week feeling a bit, okay very BLAH as evidenced by my word art.  The act of making and posting it seemed to help me as it put my feelings into words and a very small action of kinda maybe whining about it.  It was good in that I validated myself and was able to move on to un-blah.

2. The shift can be attributed to a few things:  this Ignatian retreat which gave me much to think about in prayer; some conversations with various people; some positive feedback of some writing I did at New Evangelizers and Catholic Mom; writing and focusing on gratitude.

3.  I have a long to-do list for today.  Then it was confirmed that our wandering son will indeed be home today, which is of course wonderful news! and this now adds to my list while also subtracting to my list.  The net result is more work, but it's worth it to be together around the table.  We'll celebrate our two September birthdays (father and son) and the pin removal!

4.  Oh yes, my husband no longer has any devices holding his toe together.  We were so excited about the doctor visit yesterday.  When the office called to confirm the appointment on Wednesday my husband actually reminded them that the doctor needed a special instrument to remove the pins so please make sure he had it.  It was duly noted on the call sheet.  We sat down, did few preliminary things and then teh doctor came in and asked for the instruments.  There was one all sterile and ready to go and the nurse said "here it is,"  "I need the hexthingamajigy" (ok, he used the right word, I just have no idea what he said!) "Oh, this is what you said you needed."  "Oh, (mild expletive) I forgot to bring it from home."  My husband is not happy.  I start to pray, #MemoraraeUP and reassure my husband.  The doctor calls his surgical tool guy and he is there in the office in less than ten minutes! With the tool!   A few quick turns of the screws, and viola, he's unpinned!  I posted a quick report on Facebook and my fav comment was from one friend who said"Unpinned, pinterest is gonna be pissed."

5.  I have a confession, I'm burying it way down here.  I think I am killing my friend's mint plant.  My son was no help, "mint, it's the easiest thing to grow, how can you kill it?" I've given it more water and will trim it again and move it to another window.  The tomato plant is flowering though, doesn't that count for something?

6.  We interrupt these quick takes for a coffee refill brought to you by Mystic Monk coffee, Pumpkin Spice blend.  Oh so yummy, and made even more so in my favorite mug.

7.  I have tons more to say but I need to get to work on that list, especially now that my lunch book study has been moved up.  See how I make that sound less like meeting my girlfriends for lunch and more like a very important intellectual pursuit.  

Hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary who found driving in DC the nightmare I did!