Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Happenings

Today a favorite priest celebrated the 9:30 Mass. He is not assigned, but comes to help out when needed. I always enjoy his homilies because he says thing that make me think and also gives information about the scripture as to the time it was written in, why it was written, for whom, that type of info which I find so interesting. I often wonder with others who enjoy his homilies, if the average person in the pew likes them as well. Today, it was overheard that indeed, others besides as geeky Catholics enjoy his homilies. Yea. If you, homily giver, are reading this, please remain your humble self.

We also had a retreat for our catechists, led by two of our deacons. It was well received by those who attended and gave people the chance to talk, learn, and spend with each other. It was a great community builder as well as spiritually uplifting.

After that, came home and ate some great fish my husband grilled.

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