Sunday, July 6, 2008

Retreat, RETREAT!

I am a bit excited. Today I am going on a five day retreat at our local retreat center, Our Lady of Florida. This is literally a dream come true. I have been searching all over Florida to find a retreat and finally there is one right in my own backyard. I am leaving to have a late lunch/early dinner with my husband and then he will drop me off at the retreat center and there I will remain until Friday afternoon. See you next weekend! Peace.


Jenn said...

HOORAY! Enjoy every moment. Hope to hear all about it!

Doug and Elizabeth said...

jealous, but happy for you. By the way, where is this retreat center, North Palm beach? Possibly run by the Passionists? Let me know. We are loosing our favorite priest to this retreat center.


deanna said...

I was most certainly in North Palm Beach at Our Lady of Florida run by the Passionists. Who is the priest who is coming here?