Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Last Sunday's Gospel was a perfect opportunity to preach on the Eucharist. One of our priests, in particular, has been very upset about the recent stories about people desecrating the Eucharist and we have had some problems in our parish as well. For example, parents breaking off a little piece for a child or people not consuming the host right away. These are problems and I of course believe that some education is in order. I do not believe people are doing these things out of maliciousness, but ignorance. I am speaking hear about our parishioners, not news makers.
So, do I hear a homily on the Eucharist? No. And yet I have to hear the ranting and raving (I am not exaggerating) all week about how people need to know and what is wrong with them. Well, why did you not use your time wisely and tell them what they need to know? Many people really do not understand what the Eucharist is all about. It is sometimes difficult to understand why a priest would complain about people not understanding and then not teach them when there is an opportunity. Does this seem odd to anyone else? I was immensely disappointed.


Anonymous said...

It is sad that such opportunities come and go, without preachers taking advantage of the obvious. I believe most homiletics publications point out the same things to priests...they shouldn't complain then, but then, they might have to admit they have missed the point themselves!?

Doug and Elizabeth said...

Hey Deanne!!

Well, may I just say that I ranted about this on the Pillars and someone from my parish called the office and the pastor got his best friend's wife to call me and ask that it be taken off. I bowed to the priest...shouldn't have! He talked about the current building drive for a new parish hall instead of the road to Emmaus! AAAAAAuuuugggh!!!

Ebeth You go sister!

I should put that post back on by blog.....erased it.

deanna said...

My husband expressed that very concern, what if someone sees it who knows you and can show it to the priests? I guess it's a good thing that the only people who read this blog either don't know me or wouldn't tattle.
We should have freedom of speech!
peace, deanna

Deanna's husband said...

We do have freedom of speech and, although I did have a concern, I believe you must speak the truth regardless of possible consequences. Our homilies always leave too much to be desired. Priests need to step up and preach as Jesus did.

Doug and Elizabeth said...

Absolutely! the last course I took Evangelization and Discipleship discussed that besides the formal catechesis programs, the homily and the bulletin are the most important opportunities for a priest to teach. We can't let this slip, fishers of men, right? Especially when they come into the net themselves.