Thursday, August 21, 2008


Sewing is so very satisfying. I made 2 skirts and a dress for my college student before she left. The dress I'd like to have! It really makes me happy that she likes me to make her clothes and really wears them.
Now, I can try my hand at the quilting I have waiting and make a few skirts for myself. After I write my papers.


Jenn said...

Bill thinks I'm crazy but I've said for ages that I want to try to make clothes...I have just been to chicken to actually try it!

I've made quilts though - SIMPLE quilts, that is.

MB said...

Thanks :) The GRE is computerized now, so you see your score right after you take it.

Doug and Elizabeth said...

Sewing WAS my life before the blog happened! There are about 90 some dresses in the upstairs sewing room and 2 daughters' closets from 10 years of sewing for them for one reason or another. There are several quilts, too.

We had the computer in the sewing room for about 2 years, very little sewing was accomplished, now we separated them and the theology courses got in the way.....eeegads!

Kudos for you, my 13 and 11 daughters like me sewing their skirts and dresses for them as well. I just need to keep up with the fashions...sort of. :)