Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Go and Make Disciples

I'm reading this document from the USCCB on Evangelization. It is very interesting and food for thought. I quote,

#12 Conversion is the change of our lives that comes about through the power of the Holy Spirit. All who accept the Gospel undergo change as we continually put on the mind of Christ be rejecting sin and becoming more faithful disciples in his Church. Unless we undergo conversion, we have not truly accepted the Gospel.

So, conversion is about changing our ways to become more like Christ. Our very lives change when we accept the Gospel and live it out. I think that maybe that is why some people don;t like to study scripture. It convicts them to change and no one really likes to change.

If you'd like to read the document, here's the link:


Doug and Elizabeth said...

Hey, Deanna,

Studied that last month in the Evangelization and Discipleship course. That along with the book from Fr. Hater that you actually got to meet!

Is this a course? Evangelization?

deanna said...

Yes, it's my new class, Faith and Culture, #7 on the way to 10. It officially starts tomorrow night.

Doug and Elizabeth said...

ooh, keep me posted!