Friday, October 9, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. Somehow we have arrived in the month of October. I truly have no idea how, because I am still working on June's to-do list. I have fallen far off the path in my prayer life, exercise, personal time, basically everything that nurtures me. And why, how did this happen? All the needs of others and work suffocated me to the point that I was always anxious and slightly depressed.
2. As I was trying to deal with that, some great things happened. My husband got a permanent teaching job at a local high school and we went on a short vacation. Our son and his girlfriend temporarily stayed with us and now both have found new places to live. So, now our nest is empty again. I'll miss them, but I do enjoy being alone with my husband. In some ways it makes us feel very young again.
3. Through all of this, I am constantly wondering what the higher purpose is in the trials we go through and why things change so often. Each change has a domino effect. Since my husband is working full time now, I have to do housework. Thankfully he still goes grocery shopping. It's not that I am incapable of doing housework, but now I have to think about it and remember to do it.
4. Sometimes I think God's plan is to teach me humility, other times I think it is trust. I think trust in him is so important and really that is what sustains me and tells me to not lose hope, even when that seems like the best option.
5. This week I am going to Dallas for a Stewardship conference. It will also be an opportunity for some quiet time and prayer time. There is daily Mass, excellent speakers, and time to meet new people. It renews in me a sense of purpose in regard to my ministry, which is always a good thing.
6. Someone said that in our course of study over the last 3 1/2 years she has learned that there is no objective truth. I disagree, but couldn't find words to express myself. I hate when that happens.
7. I keep praying to find peace and contentment, my trust in God knows it is there, even if I can't find it.
8. My son and his girlfriend are not living together and people seem surprised by this!
9. Prayers for some friends:
All my friends who are having cancer treatments
A colleague whose dad died
The group of our parishioners who are in Guatemala on a mission trip
T's mom who had a stroke

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