Friday, May 28, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. I have not posted anything of substance in a long time. My life has taken an interesting path. A very good friend, really a sister, has had her cancer return and last week she needed alot of support. Emotionally it has been a roller coaster for her and her husband, so I have also been there in some ways. Thankfully there is help from the community for all of the family's temporal needs. Another friend and I are there for the other needs.
2. Along with #1, I must say that my husband has been there every step with me, taking care of their children while I was in the hospital with them, listening to me, visiting with the family, even taking a recliner over for my friend since she can't sleep in her bed. He's a keeper.
3. Yesterday was 31 years that my husband and I started dating. I remember trying to convince my mother to allow us to be a couple. My sister, in a then very rare show of sisterly love told her to just go along with it as it "wouldn't last." My mother relented, so I am glad she said that but overjoyed she was wrong.
4. We are getting another priest which will necessitate rearranging our offices. Someone will have to move out into the office in the parish hall or the priests will have to share the pastor's office and the pastor will move into a smaller office. So far, we have no idea and we are all waiting with a bit of apprehension as to who will be displaced and if we'll all be happy with the decision.
5. I have missed being able to post, it is cathartic to let out the thoughts that free float around in my brain all day. I hope this weekend I'll have more time.
6. Starbucks has stopped carrying Chai tea bags. They are only serving Chai lattes, which are too sweet. Why did they do this? My husband suggested I bring my own Chai tea bag and just ask for hot water. Would this work ?
7. Tonight I am going to give a brief talk on my spiritual growth to our Ultreya group. This is a monthly Crusillo group. I hope all goes well.
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