Sunday, November 28, 2010


That about sums up how I am feeling these days about my professional life.  A year ago I finished my MPA (Master of Pastoral Administration) degree and I am still right where I was then, except with a heavier work load and no more respect or appreciation for my skills or abilities.  So, what happens next?  I am really searching to know by praying and waiting.  Waiting is very difficult for me.  I am a make a decision, make it happen kind of person.  God, of course, knows this.
I remember skiing, taking the lift up the slope, getting in position, and then pushing off; there was always a slight hesitation on my part before pushing off but I did it for the thrill, the rush of accomplishment, the small bit of fear pushed aside for something greater.
Now, it seems as if I am waiting to be pushed by God, like my children did when they were little in the swings at the park.  "Push me, mommy - higher, faster, push me," they yelled with laughter.  I am ready, "push me, God - to you, to your will, to my path." 

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