Friday, August 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes

Let's see if I can finish this post in 20 minutes so I can be on time for my haircut.  It's 2:32. GO!
1. Got tickets this week to go see Il Volo, here's a sample.  My mom introduced me to them last year after seeing them on an Italian tv show.  They are unbelievable, considering they are teenagers!

2.  Our offices are almost back to normal.  My desk is now visible when you open the door to my office, which is a good thing so people know I am there!  I still need to hang pictures and such but it is shaping up quite well.

3.  I will be going shopping tomorrow at Hobby Lobby.  I've never been there but have been told it is much better than Michael's.  I have quite a few Pinterest projects to but for so it will be a fun day.

4.  Want to know how much my husband loves me?  He is going with me to Hobby Lobby!  Then, we are spending the night on the beach.  

5.  I am writing about the Year of Faith and catechesis on the New Evangelizers website.  Today I fought trying to write the post I thought was important only to have it fall flat.  Then, I went back to my original idea and it took almost no time at all.  Why do I fight with myself?  What can I do to learn to trust my instincts and stop second guessing myself?

6.  My daughter moved back home after leaving Australia a few weeks ago and she has a new job.  She will be an assistant youth minister at a near by parish.  It is strange to think that she is going to learn how to do what I did and do.  But fun to think about sharing plans and ideas with each other.  When she left home five years ago to college, she was a math major planning to become an oral surgeon.  Things change!

7.  I misplace my Magnificat on a regular basis.  I wonder if somehow I can get it on my Nook?

Okay, now to link up and done in less than 20 minutes.

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