Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tech Things

I consider myself fairly with it with techie type things.  Until the other night during a webinar and I realized I could be way more of a techie if I had more tech toys!
I have a computer, a cell phone with a regular phone pad which makes texting a pain, an iPod and I have a Nook.  I also have a camera but that's not really a techie thing, is it?
At any rate I think I want more toys.  But then I think maybe not.  Why, well for one I can't keep track of the ones I have or the cords to charge them.

I cannot find my iPod or camera.  My daughter says she may have seen the camera in a strange place but basically I've been missing it since we cam back from vacation.  Same with the iPod.  Before vacation I could not find my Nook cord and so all the books I'd downloaded to read had to be read on my laptop which is not nearly as fun.  I found my cord when I got home.  Apparently I'd sent it with my sewing machine for repairs.

 The examples above are just examples and in no way constitute the sum total of me not being able to find my stuff.  If I had an iPad would I misplace it as often as I do everything else? What about an iPhone?  Do I really need to be that connected?  Can I handle the responsibility of more stuff?

I'd like to be more techie, but I don't necessarily want more stuff.  Maybe I can think of it as trading up and not getting more stuff?  I am in a conundrum!

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