Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Small Things, Great Love

Just as each person’s faith is lived out in a way that is uniquely theirs, so to our evangelization efforts.  Since I work in a parish as a full-time employee I have many opportunities to spread the Word; indeed, that is my primary job responsibility.
Small Things; Great Love
But what about outside of work?  I often wonder if I am doing a good enough job bringing the light of Christ to others.  What does it mean to evangelize, especially when most of my friends are Catholic?  I do it by serving and being present.  I use the talents God has given me to support others in their life’s journey.
Lately I have been spending time visiting sick friends, bringing them communion and praying with and for them.  I’ve spent time baking treats for a fundraiser for a friend who has cancer and doing a bit of sewing for someone else.  None of this seems, on the surface, like I am evangelizing, but I am.

Whenever we share Christ with others, we are evangelizing.  When we give to others out of love and not count the cost, we are evangelizing.

This season of my life has taken an odd turn for me in that I’ve become very committed to bettering my health.  Sometimes it overwhelms me; it takes time and effort and forces me to make choices about how I spend my time.  But the one thing I try to each day to reach out in some way to those God has put in my life.  A brief text, phone call, quick visit, a grocery gift card, or dinner for a family are simple but concrete ways to share with others and mean so much to the receiver.
Mother Theresa said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”  For this season, that is my evangelization.