Friday, May 29, 2015

10 things about 1000 posts

This is post #1000 on the blog!  WOW.  

1.  I began way back in February of 2007, with these offerings given to the internet!

2.  Most viewed post:  Prayer to the Holy Spirit.

3.  # of page views: 67,009 

4. One of my favorite posts, about giving a friend her Last Holy Communion. 

5.  # of followers:  8  

6.  # of comments:  almost 400

7.  Oddest post in the top 10 viewed:  this Italian Christmas song

8.  Average # of posts per year:  125 

9. This blog has led me to write for Catholic Mom, New Evangelizers, and Amazing Catechists.  

10.   I really like having this tiny space on the internet to call my own and it makes me happy when you visit.