Friday, June 19, 2015

7 Quick Takes: Tales of NYC

We went to New York last week to spend some time with the family. 

1.  While in the Church of my childhood, I saw these clips on back of the pews.  Do you recall the purpose of those little clips?  I mean, besides the obvious of sticking your little brother's finger in them or your sister's pony tail?

2.  I finally got to take a walk on the High Line .  Here's a picture looking towards the Hudson River.   

3.  After that we walked over to Eataly! and had lunch.  As usual what I choose was the tastiest, mushroom farrotto, which is farro cooked like risotto.  The gnocchi and caprese salad were good 

4.  June 15 is National Cucumber Awareness Day in England so folks were giving out cucumbers by Madison Square Park.  My son felt compelled to take one when offered.  But I wasn't carrying it around all day in my purse and neither was his girlfriend.  So in his back pocket it went!  It was pretty hot that day and so we decided to get a drink at McDonald's.  There was a man panhandling and opening the door as folks went in and out.  My son, as we leave, offers him the cucumber. "Want this cucumber/" "What am I going to do with a cucumber?"  "Eat it!" "Get outta here, you crazy!"  "Alright then."  "Nah, wait, I'll take it!"  So he tossed it to the man and off we went.

5.  Like many people, my phone also serves as my camera.  But lately the pictures have been very blurry.  I asked a few people what could cause this but no one had any ideas.  Except my son, who said to clean the lens!  So I mention this to my 15 year old niece and she takes the phone and is looking carefully at the lens.  "There's a bubble in there!"  How can there be a bubble under the case?  She takes the case off and discovers that the plastic film that covered the phone when I bought it a year ago was still on the phone, hence my blurry pictures.  First, love that girl for solving the problem and second, the man at the store put the case on the phone, not me!

6.  I have ventured into the land of SnapChat.  My nieces and nephew gave me a quick lesson.  The hardest part was proving I was a real person.  I had to click pictures on my screen where the little snapchat image was present.  Could not do it.  After way too may tires, I gave it my nephew.  One shot, it took him one shot.

7.  I've saved the really big news for last!  I am not a fan of grocery shopping, or as is said in NY, food shopping.  I don't care for it at home and I certainly don't like it in my old neighborhood.  Then my mom says, "let's go to Fairway."  So off we go.  What an awesome store.  It was a blend of Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, clean, samples of great products to try, reasonable prices,  and polite help (well, until we got to the cashiers, but hey you can't have everything).  We went to the one in Douglaston.  If you can get to one, go, you'll love it!  it really is like no other market!

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Lily George said...

The clips are there to hold men's hats. Our church, which was built around 1906, has the same ones. Most of them are in the right hand pews, because the men sat on the right and women on the left in the old days.

Deanna said...

The clips are on all the pews in that church. So interesting, the customs we once had.

Deanna said...

The clips are on all the pews in that church. So interesting, the customs we once had.