Saturday, September 1, 2007

Registration Comments, Top 3 of the Week

Scene #1
Parent: I want to sign my child up for CCD.
Sec'y: Great, here's a form and a schedule.
Parent: What time are classes?
Sec'y: There are 3 choices on the form, you choose which time is best for you.
Parent: (looking at form) Are there other choices?
I (DRE) overhear this passing by and my thoughts are: sure, we have other times, but they are a secret; only for my close friends and people I like. Of course I do not say these things. If there were other choices, wouldn't we let people know about them?!
Sec'y: No, we have those 3 options, nothing else.
Parent takes form and leaves, a bit put out.

Scene #2
Parent: I need to register my son for Religious Ed. I have the form filled out.
DRE: No problem, let me check if there is still room in the class, some are already full. (last official day of registration)
DRE: Oh, the Tuesday section is very full, can you come on Wednesday instead.
Parent: No, this happened last year too when I waited until the last minute. Because of my work schedule I can only get him here on Tuesday.
DRE thoughts: so why did you wait again until the last minute if you know your schedule and the same thing happened last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DRE: Well, I will call the catechist and see what we can do for you or you can home school him again.

We did put him in the Tuesday class.

Scene #3
Parent: I want to register for classes.
DRE sec'y: Okay, here's a form and a schedule.
Parent: Oh, I would also like to help with the program.
DRE sec'y: Great, I'll have Deanna call you when she gets in.
Parent: But I can't teach at these times, can I do the class at a different time, that works better with the soccer schedule?
DRE sec'y: Well, no, we have classes at these times only.
Parent: I don't think that is going to work.
So, does not register, leave name, or call to discuss options.

We now have 2 1/2 weeks before classes start. It only gets more interesting!
St. Dominic, pray for me.


Angie said...

And here I am all impressed that you guys have three options (and a home school option too!). We have two options -- sign up for the one night or don't fulfill your duty of having your kids in religious ed. LOL

Well...I guess I could actually have them signed up at one of the other parishes in the area for an extra fee, but I don't know that I would feel comfortable with that.

Sending prayers to you that you won't pull out all of your hair between now and the start of R.E.!

Melissa said...

This cracked me up. My husband and I do marriage prep and we get similar interactions from the engaged looking to do their PreCana.