Friday, December 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes - The Nativity Tour

Merry Christmas!  Have a Blessed New Year!
Outside on the front lawn.

On the top of the wall unit in the living room

Made by my mother-in-law for our first Christmas 29 years ago. It survived the children playing with it for years and now it sits on a shelf in the living room

A combination of two of my favorites:  nativity and candle holders! Sits in the family room 

A white ceramic nativity given to me as a birthday gift

Tiny white and light blue set on the bookcase in the family room 

The main nativity in the living room

More Quick takes over at Conversion Diary!


Sarah Isis said...

Beautiful nativity sets

Renee said...

Is the nativity received for your birthday, one piece?

Deanna said...

Thanks Sarah.
Yes, Renee, it is one piece.