Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Saint Generator

I am not fully functioning today nor have I been for the last three days.  Nasty head cold.  The first day I managed to fake being okay, but that is not the case today as the first thing my fellow employee said was "you look like crap" and "why did you come in?" And, yes, I did my hair and put on some make-up:)  So, why not hang around blogs and see what's going on in between cleaning up a bit, opening mail and  making to do lists.  Jennifer at Conversion Diary has a Saint Name Generator of the year.  St. Louis IX was chosen for me and I like him, though this is my first time meeting him.  Why the instant attraction?  Look at that patronage list:  totally with him on against the death of children  my husband worked as a builder; my bff is a hair stylist; I frequently work with a needle; difficult marriages, well all are at one point or another; parenthood, yep, know a few people in that area; distillers are nice too as they supply me with adult libations.  I am thrilled.  I didn't even peak when the offer was made to 'chose a new saint'.

Join in the fun and get your saint for the year.  I am sure we can all use a saint on our side.

St. Louis IX

Feast: August 25

Patronage: Against the Death of Children; Builders; Button Makers; Construction Workers; Difficult Marriages; Distillers; Grooms; Hair Stylists; Masons; Needle Workers; Parenthood; Parents of Large Families; Prisoners; Sculptors; Sick People; Soldiers; Tertiaries

St. Louis IX


Jenn said...

I got St. Justin Martyr
Feast: June 1

Patronage: Apologists; Lecturers; Orators; Philosophers; Speakers

Feel better soon! xo

Deanna said...

Sounds like you!